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General Rules For Admission

Code of Conduct for students

1. No admission shall be granted after the last date of admission.

2. Every student and his/ her guardian, at the time of admission, shall have to give a pre prescribed anti-ragging affidavit.

3. Every student shall have to abide by the rules prescribed by the university/college and also keep a good conduct in the college campus.

4.If arrested by police/administration for any criminal activity, admission shall be cancelled/ suspended.

5. A person penalised by court for moral turpitude or crime, shall not be given admission.

6. A candidate penalised for indiscipline/ using unfair means, shall not be given admission.

7. A student shall be allowed to appear in examination only if he/she has the attendance as decided by the university (75% at present).

8. Every student shall have to abide by the dress code of the college.

9. Every student shall have to carry his/her identity card in college premise.

10. Use of Tabaco and plastic is banned in the college premise.

11. In no case, except self-financed B. Ed., fees shall not be refunded.