Procedures and Policies for Maintaining and Utilizing physical, Academic and support Facilities:

Government Post Graduate college Berinag is state Government Institution. We are bound to follow all rules implemented by UttarakhandGovernment.Maintenance and repairing of academic buildings, library, classrooms, electrical appliances and other physical infrastructure of the College is done by a construction and purchasing committee constituted by the head of institute. This is done by holding of regular meetings of various committees to ensure optimal allocation and utilization of the available financial resources.New construction is done by Government construction agencies as Public Work Department, Rural Work Department, Mandi Parisad, Pitkul etc. nominated by Government of Uttarakhand.

The college receives grant from the Higher Education Department, Government of Uttarakhand under Plan and Non-Plan Head. While purchasing equipments from any fund, it is always ensured that the procurement rules of State Government are follow.

  • 1. The library development is done by committee. All Books, journals and magazines are purchased in recommendation of concern staff members.
  • 2. Each laboratory has dedicated lab assistants and attendants for regular maintenance and well arrangement of laboratory equipments and stock keeping of chemicals and materials on regular basis.
  • 3. The college has separate sports committee. All purchasing and sports related maintenance have done in supervision of this committee.

College Development Committee:

  • 1- Dr. Jyoti Niwas Pant, Assistant Professor, Botany.
  • 2- Dr. Lalit Rawat, Assistant Professor, Physics.
  • 3- Dr. Deepa Pant, Assistant Professor, Hindi.
  • 4- Dr. Dheeraj Singh Khati, Assistant Professor, Political Science.
  • 5- Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Assistant Professor, Botany.

Construction and Purchasing committee:

  • 1- Dr. Jyoti Niwas pant, Assistant Professor Botany.
  • 2- Dr. Dheeraj Singh Khati, Assistant Professor, Political Science.
  • 3- Dr. Balam Singh Bisht, Assistant Professor, Chemistry.
  • 4- Dr. Lalit Rawat, Assistant Professor, Physics.
  • 5- Sri Naveen Chandra Pant, Administrative Officer.