To transform the college into a centre of excellence known for a distinctive organizational culture and outcome oriented effective governance through best and innovative practices in teaching- learning & evaluation , research and extension, incubation and entrepreneurship, collaboration and training in diversified areas of higher education, applying appropriate use of physical, academic and ICT resources with enhanced student participation structures that provides an innovative eco system for teachers, staff and learners in realizing their full potential, equipping them with emerging employable skills and capabilities and thereby ensure their contribution in national development with accountability, social and environmental sensitization, professional ethics, and human values.


  • • Knowledge Creation, dissemination and training for national development
  • • Enhancement of employability through skill development and capacity building.
  • • Intellectual, socio economic and cultural development of the region.
  • • Promotion of innovation in teaching, learning and evaluation.
  • • Incentivisation and structure building of interdisciplinary research, publications and extension among students and teachers.
  • • Promotion of discipline and human values among students.
  • • Strengthening and expansion of infrastructure and students support and guidance facilities. Education aimed at betterment of society.
  • • Promotion of culture of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • • Implementation of governance reforms, government programmes and schemes.
  • • Promotion of training and development of teachers and staff.
  • • Active participation in ecological and resource conservation for sustainable development.
  • • Cooperation in women empowerment and the upliftment of weaker sections.
  • • Institutionalization of global best practices and innovations in higher education.
  • • Expansion of better utilisation of ICT.


  • • Imparting quality education to students and also enabling them to develop right attitudes and inculcating right ethical values.
  • • Pursuing impartial and transparent admission procedure.
  • • Expanding and improving infrastructure.
  • • Getting college accredited from NAAC.