Proctorial Board

No organization may sustain and survive without discipline. Discipline is of paramount importance in all spheres of life. For the students it is just like an ornament. We all know that the higher education institutions produce scientists, engineers, doctors, politicians, educationists and other various categories of professionals. The progress and dignity of a nation is in the hands of this highly skilled and talented man power. Discipline plays a crucial role in shaping the destiny of a nation. Through discipline we learn to bear responsibility and perform our job in an efficient manner. Self disciplined working force puts its higher contribution to the prosperity of the nation. The seed of honesty, integrity, faithfulness and devotedness is inherent in discipline.

To ensure strict discipline in the college a Proctorial Board is in action headed by Mr.M.S.Kutiyal, Head of History Department as chief proctor and each one of the staff members as the member of the board.

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