There are provisions for different types of scholarships for different categories of students. College regular students can get following scholarships according to their eligibility for respective scholarships.

-> SC, ST and OBC scholarship.

-> Post-war soldiers’ scholarship.

-> Poor boys fund aid.

-> Scholarship for physically disabled.

-> Scholarship for minorities students.

Fee Concessions:

Under the rules of Uttarakhand State Govt. fee concession is given for various categories of deserving students. Keeping in view that no worthy student should be deprived of higher education because of his/ her economic condition. There is also a provision for fee concession for fee concession for physically disabled persons.

Following the policy for promotion of higher education for girls there is a provision for full fee concession irrespective of cast or economic conditions. Thus the meritorious, economically deprived, physically disables and girls get full fee concession.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism:

Courteous and helpful service is extended by all the staff members headed by Dr. C.D.Suntha(Principal) in addressing the grievances of students.

Principal should be contacted when the grievance is not redressed within the stipulated time by the first level contact person concerned.

In case of non redressal within stipulated time the written complaint may be lodged to the Director Higher Education, Haldwani Uttarakhand.

Consultation With Users/Stake Holders:

We hold periodic review of college development committee in the college. We welcome suggestions from our students, parents, student organizations and other interested persons. If you wish to give your valuable suggestions for betterment of the college please contact college principal.

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